The Top 3 Things That Cause Food Spoilage

Air – Exposure to air will also expose it to bacteria. Once bacteria get into your dog’s food,

Proper storage is essential for dog food because you don’t want to risk feeding your dog spoiled food. Dogs have pretty strong stomachs so they can eat things that might make you cringe, but they aren’t immune to food-borne illness. To keep your dog safe, you need to keep his food fresh. In order to do that, you need to understand what makes dog food go bad so you can prevent it. Here are the top three things that cause dog food to spoil:

Air – Exposure to air will also expose it to bacteria. Once bacteria get into your dog’s food, they will multiply and they could make your dog sick. It is also important to know that when dog food is exposed to air, it starts to slowly break down – if you don’t store your food in an airtight container, it will start to degrade in terms of its nutritional value.

Moisture – When food gets wet it tends to grow mold and that’s not something you want to feed your dog. It’s not just water and other liquids you need to worry about spilling on your dog’s food, either – you also have to keep an eye on humidity levels. Dog food should be stored in a cool, dry place to preserve its freshness and nutritional integrity.

Temperature – Dog food is like any other food – it is going to spoil faster in high temperatures. Dog food should never be exposed to temperatures higher than 100°F, though the ideal storage temperature is much lower. Some of the best places to store food is in the kitchen pantry or in the basement, as long as it doesn’t get too hot or too humid.

Now that you know what causes dog food to spoil, you are ready to learn how to prevent it. The simplest way is to purchase a food storage container that will keep your dog’s food fresh. For more news and updates on Pet Food Container , stay tuned with