How to Choose the Right Washer for Your Needs

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There are seemingly endless options when it comes to clothes washers — front-loaders vs. top-loaders, stainless steel vs. plastic interiors, energy-efficient products, even designer washers in a variety of colors. It can be hard to know which washing machine is right for your home and lifestyle.

Here are five things to consider when you're buying a new washing machine.


A washer's efficiency refers to how little energy it uses to operate. Choosing a high-efficiency washer makes sense for a number of different reasons. For one, a higher-efficiency washer uses less energy and can therefore help you conserve electricity and water. Similarly, opting for a high-efficiency model could actually help you save money and recoup some of the costs of buying a new washer. Keep this in mind when shopping for the perfect washer. If you don't purchase a washer that has the


logo, choose one that has settings for temperature so you can manually regulate the amount of hot water it uses.Size and SpaceYour home or apartment probably only has so much room reserved for a washer and dryer, so you'll need to take space into consideration. Washers can range greatly in size so find the perfect washer by first measuring the space of the laundry room or area in your home. A bonus of the best frontloading washers is you don't need space to open, which means you can stack a washer and dryer together to save on space.


Finally, your lifestyle will likely dictate the type of washer you end up bringing home. Choose one that you can use time and time again and one that has the settings and options that you'll need from a deep stain release to a delicate cycle. If possible, head to an appliance store where you can test and interact with washers to see what you do and don't like.

Washing machines are the most commonly used household appliances in homes, so purchase with caution, Stay tuned to NanYang Motor for Pros and Cons of Front Loader Washing machine and parts of washing machine - Washer Motors